Electromagnetic Field and Partial Discharge Division

In the scope of accreditation the division performs measurements and calculations of electric and magnetic field strength for frequency of 50 Hz in the surrounding of these fields' sources.

The source of the fields can be power equipment or industry equipment such as overhead lines, transformers, transformer stations and substations and other devices powered with electric energy and localized in the neighbourhood of or inside of residential buildings, at power projects and industrial plants, at factories and holiday destinations.

Measurements and calculation of the field strength are carried out:

  • for the purpose of environmental protection,
  • at workstands.

For the purpose of environmental protection we designate protective zones and areas of limited use, however on workstands we outline protective zones and determine restrictions of the working time.

The scope of tests at workstands includes:

  • Measurements of the magnetic field strength for frequencies of 50 Hz.

In case when opinions and interpretation of the test results should be enclosed, they are drawn by authorized specialists with suitable competence.

Ireneusz Hasiec MSc Eng. is authorized to give opinion in the scope of electric and magnetic fields.

All questions should be directed to:

  • Ireneusz Hasiec MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 49,
  • Zbigniew Chłap , phone number: +48 32 237 66 49.