Tests of grounding systems

Electrocution voltage selector ZNR-1


ZNR-1 is current source of rated power 3.5 kVA, which generates alternating current up to 50 A, with arbitrary long time.
Selector is equipped with digital ammeter and voltmeter for output parameter measurements.
High value of current enables obtaining measuring voltages higher than noise voltage level and achievement of required measurement accuracy.
When measuring circuit resistance is high, one can use two additional output voltage ranges:

  • 200 V AC and current up to 18 A,
  • 400 V AC and current up to 9 A.

Version with output voltage 1000 V is available on special request.


Electrocution voltage selectors are used for forcing measurement current in tested earth electrode system, during touch and step voltage measurements. Voltage selector and electrocution voltage meter MNR-1, which provides touch and step voltage measurements, form complete set for earth system testing.


Output power
3,5 kVA
Output voltage
100, 200, 400 V AC
Current regulation smooth up to 50 A AC
Operation temperature
-5 ºC ÷ +40 ºC
Enclosure protection IP 42
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions 530 x 430 x 210 mm
Weight about 50 kg


All questions should be directed to:

  • Zygmunt Pilny MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 70.