Assessment of the transport quality of transformers, generators, etc.

Shock recorder RW-1


Recorder is equipped with LCD display and keyboard, for settings change and calibration related to device mounting. Recorded data are saved in EPROM memory together with date and time of event. For better explanation of records, every power on/off event is recorded. After operation user can browse saved data directly on LCD display, print them on internal printer or send to computer through RS 232 interface. Software (Windows based) enables visualization of recorded data. Recorder has internal battery, which allows continuous operation during 60 days.


Recorder is destined for simultaneous measurement and recording (in three axes: X, Y, Z ) of accelerations (g-load) occurred during loading, shipment and unloading of transformers, generators, motors, medical equipment and other shock-sensitive devices.


Acceleration range -6 g ÷ +6 g
Measurement resolution ± 0,1 g
Measurement and recording axes: X, Y, Z
Memory capacity 4000 measurements
Current consumption ok. 4 mA
Duration of operation do 60 dni
Communication RS 232
Operation temperature -40 °C ÷ +85 °C
Power supply Lithium battery or AKU
Dimensions 210 x 245 x 105 mm
Weight about 4 kg


All questions should be directed to:

  • Zygmunt Pilny MSc Eng., , +48 32 237 66 70.