Diagnostics and protection of transformers

Transformer diagnostic device UDT-2



  • Device components:
    • mobile computer (notebook), connected with measurement cassette by USB interface,
    • measurement cassette Euro3U, with galvanic separation 3 kV,
    • current source for resistance measurement and OLTC tests,
    • Windows XP system.
  • Options and accessories:
    • torque of motor driving OLTC measurement,
    • cables with silicone insulation,
    • transportation box,
    • additional cables with terminals for simultaneous connection of all transformer phases.
  • Software:
    • designed for Windows XP system,
    • co-operation with Excel spreadsheet, with automatic reporting,
    • intuitive using of all measurement functions,
    • Warranty service: 24 months,
    • After-warranty service – with preference conditions.



Transformer Diagnostic Device type UDT-2 is appropriate for after-assembly, periodic and after-fault measurements of transformers, operating in power industry, according to Transformer Maintenance Manual (IET 2006), agreed with main transformer manufacturers and diagnostics companies in Poland.
Every UDT device is checked and certified by Measurement Devices Laboratory (accredited by PCA cert. no. AP 063). Measuring software is subjected to change in order to meet Customer needs, upgrades are periodically delivered to Customers.



OLTC characteristic self-time measurement
max. measurement duration time 300 s
Exciting current measurement
0 ÷ 100 mA AC
Resistance measurement
1 mΩ ÷ 100 Ω
Regulating range of resistance measurement current
0 ÷ 15 A DC
Regulating range of resistance measurement voltage
0 ÷ 30 V DC
Transformer ratio measurement
1/ √3 ÷ 50
Torque of motor driving OLTC measurement
max. measured motor power 6 kW
Operation temperature
-5 °C ÷ +40 °C
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz
560 x 420 x 170 mm (without transportation box)
Weight about 14 kg


All questions should be directed to:

  • Zygmunt Pilny MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 70.
  • Dariusz Janecki MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 73.