Time measurements

Switch contacts anticoincidence meter MND-26


Meter MND-26 is microprocessor-based mobile device for switch contacts anticoincidence determination in cycles: W, Z, WZ, ZW, WZW, with taking into account arming time too. Measurement can be started internally - it performs automatically in predetermined time, or it can be initiated by external voltage signal 110 ÷ 220 V AC/DC. It is possible to start measurement by changing state of one contact (only anticoincidence measurement, but without necessity of voltage control of switch). The results are stored in memory and displayed on LCD screen. It is possible to print results on internal printer (Kafka type) and send them to computer or pendrive, using USB interface. Duration of contacts vibration can be read from printed copy or from recorded time diagram, using computer software. During time and current measurements, voltage of switch coils supply is measured too. Meter with printer is placed in suitcase and can be supplied from internal battery. Charging device is built in meter, printer is optional accessory.


Switch contacts anticoincidence meter MND-26 is designated for simultaneous measurement of open and close times up to 6 switch contacts, what enables determination of their operation anticoincidence.
This meter allows analogue signals recording (e.g. currents in switching on and off coils and arming current).


Time measurement range up to 23 s
Resolution 0,1; 0,2; 0,5; 1,0 ms
Allowable uncertainty ±(0,01 % of reading + 1 digit)
Number of measuring contacts 6
Memory 90 measurements
Number of inputs "START" 2
Triggering voltage (external start) 110 ÷ 220 V, AC / DC
Switch coil control 2 control outputs
Switch-off coils control voltage (internal start) 48 ÷ 220 V, DC
Analogue channels 3, current
Measuring range in analogue channels -5 A ÷ +5 A

Operation temperature:

–10 ºC ÷ +40 ºC
+ 5 ºC ÷ +35 ºC
Enclosure protection IP 67
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz + internal battery


500 x 390 x 190 mm
Weight ok. 11 kg


All questions should be directed to:

  • Józef Arnold MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 237 66 73,
  • Dariusz Janecki MSc Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 73.