Testing of power transformers' protection devices type Buchholz


Conducting periodic laboratory inspections of the flow-detector and gas-detector relays' operation guarantees the relays correct operation.

It is recommended to conduct laboratory tests of the relays every 3 years or after every emergency shutdown.



We offer services in the scope:

  • laboratory type tests of the flow-detector and gas-detector relays type Buchholtz, conducted on the only in the country test stand simulating real operating conditions of the protection equipment; the stand consists of a set of pumps enabling the closed circulation of oil and a smooth adjustment of the starting value in the range of 0…6 m/s. Measurements in static and dynamic states (quickly closing valve) allow to conduct the tests of flow-detector and gas-detector relays according to the full scope of requirements included in the technical documentation of transformers,
  • repair of protection equipment produced by the German Barleben company,
  • sale of protection equipment recommended for power industry,
  • technical expert opinions,
  • work out of the conception the power system protection modernization.

All questions should be directed to:

  • Marcin Szembor, , mobile phone: +48 601 42 55 84,
  • Krzysztof Marzec, , mobile phone: +48 601 82 33 96.