Testing of power cables and power cable lines

The team carries out all works in the scope of power cables research and power cable lines tests, including the following service activities:

  • factory tests and post-assembly tests of power cables,
  • technical advisory in the field of design and erection of power cable lines,
  • supervision of erection of the power cable lines,
  • operating and after-repair tests of power cable lines,
  • after breakdown expert opinion,
  • power cables selection,
  • cable accessories tests and assessment,
  • tests and assessment of accessories of the outdoor insulated lines.

Long-standing research works and field experience in the scope of cable tests have contributed to the development of new methods that turned out very useful in application.

The team is highly skilled and takes full advantage of the up-to-date diagnostic equipment. We have a possibility to carry out voltage tests with the voltage of 450 kV DC.

Voltage tests of cables and accessories are carried out in accordance with PN-E-04700: 1998 as well as with the Cable Laboratory Test Procedure.


All questions should be directed to:

  • Ireneusz Słonka Eng., , phone number: +48 32 237 66 55.