Services catalogue

Noise and Vibration

We offer services in the scope:

  • making out the assessment of influence of the device and system noise on the environment on all stages of the investment process,
  • making out the proposal for the issue of the permit for noise emission to the environment under the Act of Environmental Law item 6. Journal of Laws no. 62 from 27 April 2001,
  • guarantee measurements of system noise,
  • measurement and analysis of the devices noise, working out the conception and project as well as implementing the protection system to limit noise emission,
  • consulting in the scope of noise at the stage of preparing the contract for the purchase or the assembly of installation,
  • measurements and evaluation of the noise and vibration.

We have modern measurement equipment and computer software.

During the tests we use the newest measurement system - multianalyser type 3560 PULSE of Bruel & Kjaer co. for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration.

We deal with all small and big objects, such as:  transformers and hydro installations in residential buildings, ventilators and climatizer installations, pump house, high voltage lines and transformer stations, power plants and other industrial plants.


All questions should be directed to:

  • Eng. Ireneusz Malciak, , (+48) 32 237 66 39,
  • Marek Pawlik, , (+48) 32 237 66 38.