Management of Transformers Maintenance – Wisła 2012

Our company with the participation:

  • ABB Spółka z o.o. Branch in Łódź,
  • Factory of Transformers at Żychlin Ltd.,
  • Schneider Electric Energy Poland Factory of Transformers at Mikołów,
  • TurboCare Poland S.A.

held an already eighth conference at the Conference Centre "STOK" in Wisła-Jawornik, from 09-11th Maj 2012 entitled:



This year's conference took place in the 20th anniversary of the creation of ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA Ltd. and was included in the company anniversary celebration cycle.

The aim of the conference was to present and discuss the following issues:

  • specifications and economic requirements for new transformers and old units designed for repairs,
  • economic and organizational problems of managing of the transformers,
  • technical diagnostics of transformers. New testing methods and their effectiveness,
  • "on-line" monitoring and diagnostic testing of transformers,
  • management of oil, current problems associated with the presence of corrosion sulfur.

An additional distinctive feature element of this year's conference was presentation of amended Transformers Maintenance Guide that systemizes technical and economic problems related to transformers maintenance on the basis of law and technical conditions binding in Polish and global power industry.

As part of the conference there were also held:

  • plenary meeting divided into five sessions, during which twenty six papers were presented,
  • poster session,
  • marketing session,
  • presentation of transformers and technical devices as well as measurement  and research equipment,
  • panel discussions.

More than 220 participants took part in the conference including a dozen or so from abroad.