RL-64D Telecontrol device

RL-64D Telecontrol device



RL64D devices are designed for creating digital transmission channels for protection and supervision of power energy objects. The devices provide channels for continuous transmission of digital signals from HV line protection systems, transmission of commands for co-operation of HV transmission lines and power energy objects protection systems, transmission of object status signals for the control and protection systems as well as provide transmission channel for telephone signals and digital data transmission.

The devices can operate through separated single mode fibre optic transmission path and can cover a distance 20 up to 200 km. The devices can also operate through bidirectional digital transmission channel of bit rate 2 Mbit/s – E1 interface or through a channel of 64 ¸ 256 kbit/s bit rate with X.21 interface.

The devices are equipped with remote monitoring system and Ethernet interface as well as with service telephone.

The RL64D devices have the certificate of usability in Polish power industry (Certificate no. 01/534/EP/08).


RL64D device is the result of our efforts in products modernization. It is completely designed by Polish engineers. We are the only one manufacturer of such devices in Poland and significant competitor for foreign companies.

RL64D consists of command part responsible for binary signals processing, among other things teleprotection commands and transmission part. The command part can be configured for operation with a bit rate from 64 kbit/s to 512 kbit/s, what means that in a 2 Mbit/s channel the transmission can occupy one up to eight 64 kbit/s time slots. In order to improve noise immunity, a time filter of min. time 1 ms and voltage threshold circuit are built on a command input. The transmission part realizes transmission of command signals and with the use of X.21 interface can provide continuous transmission of digital protection signals, e.g. for the Line main protection relay as well as can provide a digital transmission channel of bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s. The transmission is based on a framed signal with the bit rate 2048 kbit/s.

The RL64D devices can operate through separated fibre optic transmission path and can cover a distance 20 up to 200 km. Line interface of the device can be equipped also with an electrical interface E1 2 Mbit/s acc. to G 703.6, line code HDB3 or with an interface of a lower bit rate X.21. When the line output is equipped with an electrical interface, the device operates through an external digital transmission channel, based on fibre optic devices or other telecommunication devices providing requested bit rate.

The RL64D devices can be equipped with two line interfaces. Total time of diagnosis and switch over to the second transmission channel takes no more than 5 ms.

RL64D is equipped with supervision and monitoring system, which uses USB interface for local supervision and Ethernet 10/100BaseT interface for remote monitoring. The system enables configuration of the device, events recording, command counters recording and remote monitoring of the device. Time resolution of events recording is 1 ms.

RL64D has time synchronization system based on Ethernet 10/100BaseT interface and SNTP protocol as well as GPS with NMEA protocol. Time synchronization system switches over to summer and winter time.

In basic version RL64D enables to transmit and receive 8 commands and is equipped with supervision and monitoring system. Line signal occupies 5 time slots of 64 kbit/s. Command part takes four slots of 64 kbit/s. The fifth slot is used for transmission of supervision and monitoring signals X.21 interface enables to connect external digital data transmission devices up to total bit rate at the line interface 2 Mbit/s.

RL64D device is assembled in a rack of 19" width and 3U height. The device is adapted for mounting in a typical 19": cabinet or desktop enclosure.


Delay of command transmission
- standard output

- power output
2,0/3,0 ms + time filter, permission/direct trip 4,0/6,0 ms + time filter, permission/direct trip
Delay of continuous digital transmission 0,6 ms
Number of command signals 4 up to 24, possibility of continuous signal transmission
Nominal input voltage

24 V, 60 V, 120 V, 250 V DC, configurable input voltage threshold 70% U

Command/signal output

- standard

- power

electromechanical relay: 1000V,100W switching current 1A, switching current 2,5A, make time 1 ms

electromechanical relay: 7500V,50W switching current 3A, switching current 5A, make time 3 ms

Line interface

- optical

- electrical

2 Mbit/s, singlemode, operation in II or III aperture, distance 20 up to 200 km, optical connectors LC/PC (SFP module)

E1 2 Mbit/s acc. to G.703.6, symmetrical out/input 120 Ω or X.21 nx64kbit/s

The device can have two line interfaces  
Line interfaces switchover time < 5 ms
Line interface - output signal framed, the frame acc. to ITU-T G.704, line code HDB3
Station digital interfaces X.21 nx64kbit/s
Supervision interfaces – local/remote USB / Ethernet 10/100BaseT, protocol SNMP

Capacity of event recorder

Time resolution

1000 events, date and time stamped

1 ms, with time synchronization between co-operating devices

Device synchronization systems Ethernet 10/100BaseT, protocol SNTP in LAN network or GPS, protocol NMEA
Available telecommunication services service telephone, analog telephone with DTMF signalling
Power supply 230V AC, 220V DC, 48V DC, < 35VA, two independent power supplies, redundant
Operating temperature 0 °C – 40 °C

Mechanical design

19" 3U rack

Dimensions 483 x 133 x 298 mm
Weight approx. 5kg

All questions should be directed to:

  • ws. sprzedaży: dyr. Piotr Pietrucha, Siemens Sp. z o.o., ul. Żupnicza 11, 03-821 Warszawa, tel.: 22 870 91 22, fax: 22 870 91 39, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • ws. produkcji: mgr inż. Zygmunt Pilny, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel.: 32 237 66 70,
  • ws. konfiguracji: mgr inż. Paweł Polus, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel.: 32 237 66 53.

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