Power system protection

Power system protection

Efficient power system protection assures increased safety of the operation personnel and minimizes losses caused by disturbances in the power system.

The team offers services in the scope:

  • tests and technical assessment of relay and protection equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers,
  • complete laboratory tests of gas-detector relays Buchholz type on the only in the country test-bench, simulating real operating conditions of relays,
  • tests of short-circuit strength, dynamic strength and thermal strength of power system protection equipment in a heavy current laboratory up to 150 kA,
  • selection of power system protection units,
  • technical assessment of protection systems in the design stage,
  • design and modernization of the power system protection,
  • co-ordination of power system protection start-up,
  • design and assembly of power system protection cabinets,
  • configuration of microprocessor protection devices,
  • post-assembly, operating and diagnostic tests of power system protection equipment,
  • factory acceptance tests at domestic and foreign manufacturers,
  • technical expert opinions,
  • work out of the power system protection's modernization preliminary design.

We are a testing and technical assessment centre in the scope of power system protection recognized by power industry.

We have up-to-date test and measurement laboratory equipment as well as long-standing experience in the power system protection.

All questions should be directed to:

  • mgr inż. Grzegorz Żmudziński, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 32 237 66 40.

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