Electrical parameters registration and analysis system SAS-PLUS

Electrical parameters registration and analysis system SAS-PLUS

Electrical parameters registration and analysis system SAS-PLUS

The presented system is a result of our more than 20 years of experience in the scope of registration and analysis of electrical quantities which is meant to meet the market needs connected with the necessity of performing sophisticated analysis of power network at large industry plants, in accordance with the domestic standards (e.g. determination of energy quality parameters acc. to the PN-EN 50160 standard).

A virtual measurement environment has been designed which, from the user's point of view, consists of conventional, interrelated between one another measuring instruments graphically presented on a computer screen. Moreover, its software has a great flexibility.

The system is offered in the industrial workmanship (industrial computers and measurement cards, real time operating systems, mechanics of 19" standard) based on modern elements of reputable producers.

The SAS-PLUS provides all functions of conventional measuring devices as well as introduces new functions which cannot be used with the old technology.

Particularly significant and distinguishing feature of the SAS-PLUS system are metrological properties guaranteeing measurements of above average accuracies and dynamics in the time domain. SAS-PLUS

The SAS-PLUS system has the metrological confirmation issued by the specialist measurement equipment laboratory accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA).

Measuring signals delivered to the system:

  • voltage from voltage transformers of the tested supervised system (UL1, UL2, UL3, U0),
  • currents from current transformers of the supervised system (IL1, IL2, IL3, I0),
  • binary signals.

SAS-PLUS system allows:

  • local (on the monitor connected) and remote (at the selected workstations operating in heterogeneous distributed computer network) measurement and visualization of the selected electrical parameters of the system tested (rms currents and voltages, harmonic content in currents and voltages, t.h.d. coefficients, active and reactive power, electric energy, frequency, phase shifts, voltage unbalance coefficients, power direction of flow, exceeding of assumed limits e.g. power, etc.). These tasks are being performed in the real time in order to determine the current and historical state of the supervised electric power systems,
  • local and remote registration of selected electrical parameters,
  • registration of disturbances (dynamic electrical transient states and quasi-steady states),
  • registration of events.

SAS-PLUS system cooperates among other things with Power System Protection. The system is characterized by high-tech solutions both in the equipment as well as the software. The device constitutes the element of the distributed heterogeneous measuring network of the real time.
System of the visualisation and the registration SAS-PLUS can be consolidated among other things with:

  • any class supervision system working under the computer operating system selected by the Customer: MS Windows, LINUX or UNIX using open network communication protocols for manufacturing application,
  • WWW browsers of the selected SAS-PLUS Customers,
  • telecommunication systems.

Experience gained at the current/previous operation of the SAS-PLUS system demonstrated that comprehensive analysis of large power networks performed with the use of conventional technical methods was unusually difficult and to all intents and purposes impossible to realize. A possibility of registration and documenting the whole process is an additional advantage resulting from application of the SAS-PLUS system. The system is equipped with the high class recorder of transient states (current surges, power swing, etc.) and event recorder.  ZPBE Energopomiar-Elektryka company can also undertake the realization of the complete system containing among other things the automatic switching system cabinet and computer-based telecommunication device. The above works were successfully carried out by ZPBE Energopomiar-Elektryka company at the majority of Customers. The basic specification of SAS-PLUS system Measurement circuits:

  • set of three-phase voltage inputs with/from optical isolation, rated voltage Un: 100/√2 V, operation range: 0 V to 200 V,
  • set of three-phase current inputs with/from optical isolation, rated current In: 1A, operation range: 0A to 10A,
  • rated frequency fn: 50 Hz,
  • frequency operation range: 45…65 Hz,

Auxiliary voltage:

  • SAS-PLUS system auxiliary supply: 230V AC from the substation UPS system (uninterrupted power supply).

Binary input/output:

  • the device is equipped with 16 programmable insulated binary input/outputs for connection to external secondary circuits.


SAS-PLUS system determines measured quantities of the following accuracy:

  • voltage and current rms values: class 0,1,
  • frequency: 0,001 Hz

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